Hiring Document Controller

Ensures that all aspects of documentation are affectively controlled and categorized i.e. design documentations, communications & non technical documentations, quality records, publications, etc. 

· Ensure safekeeping and maintenance of technical records and master documents (hard copies) stored in technical services library. Control the flow of technical library documents and file in a systematic order for easy retrieval using data base logging registration. 

· Corresponds with the required personnel (Division, Consultants & Contractors) for receipt of outstanding documents and follow up and prepares document status reports periodically. 

· Attended routine projects / operations / office coordination meetings and carry out all necessary action on documents and drawings concern / issues. 

· Provided support to project engineering management team with regard to technical document management, bulk uploading & downloading of technical documents. 

· Checking, registration and distribution of documents with accuracy from both internal and external sources. 

· Maintains document register, ensuring deliverables for each discipline is kept to date. 

· Quality checking, distribution, recording, monitoring and expedite processing of office documents, submittals and other data as required. 

· Copying and distribution of documents according to document distribution matrix. 

· Maintenance of original documents and check print files, keeping all superseded revision. 

· Implements and maintains project document control system and establish and / or propose documentation procedures. 

· Ensures that site records documents are kept up to date. 

· Archiving and archive retrieval. 

· Performs imaging scan upload / download of documents, drawings and submittals

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